Comprehensive Review of Venus Factor

Can the venus factor diet plan formulated by John Barban truly deliver? Do not rush as you might get tricked by the sneaky reviews out there. Read this first.

Right off the bat, it is important to make one thing clear about Venus Factor system: it is not a weight loss program.

Rather than focus on weight loss or weight gain, the Venus Factor health and fitness program is designed to transform your body – whether you are extremely skinny or overweight – into a perfect hourglass figure.

This hourglass figure, which is desired by countless women around the world, is seen by many as the epitome of sexy femininity. VF system takes a multifaceted approach to this goal by combining both nutrition advice and exercise advice. The program will give you the lean, sexy, and shapely body that you desire without severely limiting your diet or requiring endless exercise.

And did we mention that the system is specifically designed for women and for women only? Yep, that’s right. Venus Factor system is a simple, straightforward “women only” body transformation program that is all but guaranteed (there is a 60-day money-back guarantee) to provide the results that you are looking for.

If you are a woman that wants to have a sexy feminine figure, then the Venus Factor is for you. With a little hard work and dedication, you will be able to achieve the beautiful female body shape that you so desire.

What is the Venus Factor Diet?

Alright, let’s cut right to the chase. What exactly is Venus Factor?

venus factor review

As mentioned above, Venus Factor system is a body transformation program that is designed specifically for women. Countless hours of scientific research were put into the construction of this one-of-a-kind system.

The VF program is for women that want to change the shape of their body. It promises results in the form of an hourglass shape and a tighter, more toned physique. It does not promise weight loss and it does not promise weight gain. VF system is about body transformation, toned muscle mass, and feeling better about yourself.

Unlike other workout and nutrition programs, there is nothing fancy about this system. It is a program that is firmly rooted in the facts.

Rather than require special diet foods and special exercise equipment, VF system instead makes use of solely bodyweight exercises and does not place any limitations on the types of foods that you can eat. It is a no BS program that cuts to the chase.

What the workout portion of Venus Factor does focus on is high-intensity interval training. This is sometimes shortened to HIIT and is also commonly called circuit training. HIIT promises quick and efficient results without endless hours at the gym.

VF system’s interval training design means that you do not need to spend endless hours in the gym. Rather, they make the most of the shortest amount of time possible for one of the most effective workouts on the planet. Interval training is combined of short bursts of intense exercise followed by short periods of rest.

One of the highlights of this type of training is that it greatly improves the metabolism. And, in fact, enhanced metabolism is at the heart of the Venus Factor diet plan. A quicker metabolism means that you can eat the foods you like and still burn through the calories. Increasing your metabolism with high-intensity interval training means that you burn even more calories during and after your workout.

Only this type of intense, interval-based workout can transform your body into a tight and toned hourglass figure.

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The other side of the VF equation, nutrition, is just as unique as the workouts are. It does not focus on strict dietary restrictions. Rather it offers advice on which foods to eat and which not to eat (without definitively saying “yes” or “no” to either). Much more emphasis is placed on ideal caloric intake than the type of foods that you should be eating. And much of the advice on particular foods is based off of their metabolism-enhancing effects.

Surprisingly, Venus Factor system is the only body transformation program of this kind in the world. While there are countless body transformation programs out there, none of them completely combine nutrition and exercise into a single cohesive program. The VF system does. It gets you the body that you want through a comprehensive approach that does not leave out anything.

The Benefits of the Venus Factor Diet Plan

venus scam

The incredible body transformation program known as Venus Factor has countless benefits. These benefits are the reason why so many women swear by the VF diet program.

This system provides the following benefits:

  • For Women Only – Because the system is designed for and only for women, it is one of the most effective health and fitness programs for females in the world. The entire design of the program reflects this “women only” approach. Men and women’s bodies are completely different so it makes no sense to approach nutrition and exercise in the same way for both of them. VF system understands this scientific concept and takes it to heart. It is a women’s only approach to a sexier and more toned body.
  • No Equipment – VF system is an incredibly affordable and convenient body transformation program because it does not require any special exercise equipment. Instead of focusing on exercises that need equipment to be completed properly, John Barban’s system gears itself towards bodyweight exercises. These exercises can be completed nearly anywhere and strengthen your body with its own weight. Among many other things, this means that you can save a ton of money on a gym membership and special home workout equipment.
  • Simple and Straightforward Design – The Venus Factor pdf was designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible. Its founder, John Barban, wanted it to be easy-to-use and easy-to-understand so women can focus on transforming their bodies rather than worrying if they are doing things right. The program comes with a number of comprehensive manuals that fill you in on every little detail of what you are doing.
  • Flexible Diet Plan – Perhaps the benefit that draws the most people to Venus Factor is its flexible diet plan. As discussed above, the program does not restrict you from eating certain foods. It allows you to eat whatever types of foods you want – including snacks! – as long as you do it in moderation. Of course, it offers countless recommendations on good foods and bad foods. Eating one of your favorite treats from time to time will not affect your overall weight loss success.
  • Digital Download – There is no need to wait for shipping with this book because the entire program is digital. As soon as you purchase it, you can begin. This makes the program perfect for those ladies who want to start to transform their bodies right now, right this instant – not tomorrow or the next day.
  • Pictures and Videos – Each exercise in the Venus Factor workout program is discussed in detail. Videos and pictures are also included so that you can be certain you are doing the exercises correctly. This ensures that they are as effective as possible and that you are getting the maximum amount of results from them.
  • Body Measurement Ratios – Because VF system is based on body measurement ratios rather than ideal weight, it is great for any woman out there. This allows it to be tailored to any woman’s specific situation, starting point, and individual body type.
  • Great Customer Service – Founder John Barban and the folks at the VF website offer superior customer service. If you have a question about part of the program, it is easy to contact them by phone or online. They answer all queries with a response in 24 hours or less.
  • Money-Back Guarantee – Venus Factor diet plan comes with an eight-week (60 day) money-back guarantee. If you do not receive the results you desire from the program (and you certainly will), then you get your money back. You really cannot beat a deal as outstanding as this.

Potential Disadvantages of Venus Factor Diet

It is also important to briefly go over the disadvantages of the VF system. It is equally important to note that these are not disadvantages as much as they are guidelines.

If your health and fitness goal for yourself is an hourglass figure, then chances are that most of these disadvantages will not apply to you. Chances are that you will be more than happy with the system.

However, it is still important to point these out so that people that are looking for something else out of their body transformation program don’t waste their time with the program.

The potential disadvantages of Venus Factor diet plan include:

  • Weight Loss – If all that you are concerned about is losing weight, then the VF system is not for you. While you can certainly lose weight on the program, this is not what it is designed for. Instead it is designed to transform and tone your body so that you can achieve a sexy and beautiful hourglass shape.
  • Bone Problems – The Venus Factor body transformation program is not suitable for women with bone problems. This is mainly because of the impact that some of the bodyweight exercises can cause. If you are not sure whether or not you can safely use the VF system, it is best to first consult a doctor before embarking on the program.
  • Requires Internet – Because Venus Factor pdf is a digital program that needs to be downloaded online, it requires an Internet connection. If you do not have a working Internet connection, then you will not be able to access the program.
  • Women Only – John Barban system’s biggest benefit is also one of its disadvantages: it is designed for women only. Because male bodies work in such different ways, it is useless for men to try it. Let women stick to the program and find something else if you are a man.

What is Included with the VF system?

does it really work?

Now that you know what VF system is and what its many benefits are, you are probably wondering what exactly comes with the program that makes it so effective and so highly successful.

VF system comes complete with seven comprehensive components. These cover all the facets of the unique body transformation program.

These seven components of the Venus Factor system are:

  • Main Manual – The core component of this VF is the main manual. This comprehensive manual contains an amazing amount of information related to the program. It basically tells you everything that you could ever hope to know about John Barban’s VF. One of the most important pieces of information that it includes is a ratio to calculate your Venus Index. Your Venus Index can then be used as a goal to work towards during the course of the program. The ratio is calculated with the three sub-ratios:
    • A height-to-weight ratio of no more than 50%
    • A wait-to-hip ratio of .7 to .65
    • A waist-to-shoulder ratio of about .618

The Venus Factor pdf main manual doesn’t stop here. It also includes information on the following:

    • The role of leptin to metabolism
    • The truth about sugar, soy, and artificial sweeteners
    • Meal planning tips
    • Avoiding caloric deficits
    • Being thin versus being healthy
    • Good food versus bad food
  • Eating Guide – Another key component of this system is the Body Centric Eating Guide. This guide contains information on what types of foods you should be eating and how much of them you should be eating while on the Venus Factor diet plan. It takes your Venus Index (discussed above) into account so that you can receive the most finely tailored information and advice possible. Of particular note is the fact that the eating guide does not limit or restrict you from eating certain foods. In fact, it encourages you to continue eating your favorite foods, even if they aren’t the healthiest, as long as you do so in moderation.
  • Workout Manual – In many people’s eyes, including founder John Barban’s, the workout manual is the most important single component of the VF program. It features a 12-week workout schedule with a variety of different routines to choose from. Best of all, it breaks down each exercise independently, so that you know exactly what you are doing. This ensures the effectiveness of the workout in addition to improving your overall safety. A few of the specific exercises the Venus Factor workout manual covers include:
    • Bear Crawls
    • Truck Jumps
    • Plyometric Push-Ups
    • Mountain Climbs
    • Walkouts
    • Burpees
    • Planks
    • Wall Sits
    • Lunges
    • Bodyweight Squats
    • Step-Ups
    • Calf Raises
    • Donkey Kicks
    • Supermans
  • Online Application – The Venus Factor online application makes staying up-to-date easy. Known as the Venus Factor Nutritionist, the app helps you calculate your Venus Index and track your progress. The information discussed in the main manual, eating guide, and workout manual are all included in the online app.
  • Podcast Series – VF system really does give you the most bang for your buck possible. One of the ways that they do this is by providing members with a free podcast series. Founder and fitness guru John Barban host this weekly series. In it, he interviews health and fitness experts, talks with women who have successfully used the diet plan, and provides even more top-of-the-line health and fitness information. To maximize the benefits of the VF system and receive the best results possible, it is essential that you tune into this podcast series.
  • Online Community – Joining the program provides you with a built-in community of other women just like you. Acting as a members-only meet up place, this online Venus Factor community gives you the ability to connect with other like-minded people. It allows you to share your health and fitness goals and receive advice and encouragement when you need it. There is even an option available for starting your very own online blog so that you can track and share your progress with others.
  • Fitness Program – The fitness program component of VF system is nothing if not essential. It adds new information and new exercise routines to the information gained in the workout manual. In fact, it lays down the law for the participants, guiding them through 3 sets of 4-week long high-intensity interval training workouts. The fitness program is where the bulk of your success will take place.

How Much Does Venus Factor Cost?

If you have read this Venus factor review this far, there is no doubt that you are interested in investing in the VF program and changing your life (and body!) for the better.

Well, we’ve got good news for you: you’ve lucked out! While John Barban’s VF normally retails for $97, it is currently selling for only $47. This one-time limited offer comes with everything discussed above. It comes with everything that makes this Venus system what it is. It comes with everything that you need to achieve the hourglass figure of your dreams.

The Final Lowdown on Venus Factor

Far too many women waste their money and time on body transformation programs that don’t work. There is no need to do this any longer. If you want an hourglass figure and are considering investing in a health and fitness program that is not Venus Factor, then stop in your tracks. Don’t do it!

Venus Factor system all but guarantees results for women who want to tone their bodies and achieve a sexy and feminine hourglass shape. In our humble opinion, it is the absolute best body transformation program of its kind. Make the right choice and choose Venus Factor. You won’t be sorry!

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